Thursday, January 15, 2009

The tart sweet crunchy with a liquid center sandwich.

1 egg
2 pieces of bacon
2 pieces of cinnamon raison bread
Black pepper
1 wedge of “the laughing cow” original creamy Swiss flavor (soft cheese sold in a circle box of pizza like wedges)
cooking spray(lk.pam)

Cooking supplies:

Pan Grease guard or a flat cookie sheet pan used upside down
Paper towels

  1. put bread in toaster at low setting (don’t toast yet)
  2. spray cooking spray in pan and heat stove top with pan
  3. crack egg and pour into pan trying not to break the yoke let sizzle
  4. with spatula carefully flip egg over (helps if you hold pan at angle and use side of pan to help flip egg over) and let sizzle some more
  5. holding pan at angle slide egg onto plate
  6. place two pieces of bacon in pan
  7. place grease guard on top of pan
  8. flip bacon 3 times during cooking
  9. remove cooked bacon from pan with tongs and place on folded paper towels
  10. toast bread
  11. when bread is toasted spread “laughing cow” cheese on one piece
  12. squirt mustard on top of cheese
  13. sprinkle black pepper on top of mustard
  14. slide egg off of plate on top of the black pepper
  15. break bacon pieces in twos and place on top of egg
  16. place other toast piece on top to finish off sandwich

    This sandwich can be messy to eat, so eat it over a plate. But, oh so good.

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