Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mr. Squid

I found the pattern for this in a craftster forum post . I thought it was really cute but I had no need for an I-pod cozy since I don't really use mine until my best friends boyfriend said he wanted me to make one for him when I was teaching her how to knit. I was really excited how quickly she picked it up. I decided on the squid pod cozy because he is a sculptor specializing in imaginary creatures in sculptie clay and the squid seemed to fit him. Anyways, the pattern is really easy, a one day project or a couple day project is you don't want to work on it all day. I changed a couple things in the pattern. The head shaping I decided to just repeat RND1 over and over instead of the RND1 RND2, RND1... I also added eyelets for button holes on the back flap. I added them in the 10th row down on the flap by (yo k2tog) for one side and (ssk yo) for later in that row for the other. And Like a real squid he has 8 little tentacles and 2 big ones with the fins. I used Fishermen's wool from Lion Brand yarn in natural brown that I got at Hobby Lobby and size US4 double pointed needles and for the gauge of making the 5" body it was 7 rows to an inch. In all I’m really happy with this project and I got to give it to him last night because it was his birthday. It was such a hit that another friend of mine wants one who is in love with monkeys. You know what I think I’m going to make him a sock monkey I-pod cozy that I noticed on Ravelry. Literally just thought of that, thanks God for the idea :)

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