Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hello and welcome


First entry, hehe, a little intimidating but nothing I can't handle. I'm starting this because I love to craft, that is a little vague. I love to sew and draw with pastels or charcoal, pen and ink and watercolors. I've tried a lot of stuff craft wise. I'm about to get into print making.

For my birthday I got a Kodak Z1275 digital camera and a Canon PIXMA Pro 9000 with 8 ink cartridges. I'm so excited. I haven’t opened it yet. I’m not sure where I want to keep it so that Jamin’s three cats who live with me don’t destroy it. Jamin is by the way my fiancée. It is sitting on my kitchen floor safely in the box all anxious to be opened and used. I need to get some art paper to print on.

I want to make prints of my art work to sell because up till now I’d been selling originals. I tried to remember to take a phone picture of stuff before I sold it but I didn’t always remember :(. Anyways, mainly on little 4.5” x 6.25” paper. Some pen and ink with watercolor flowers and faces, mainly faces. I’d sit outside this popular coffee shop on the Square of my town and ask people if they wanted to look at my art. For the most part the response was being ignored or sped up walking. But sometimes people would stop and look at my pieces in vellum envelopes held down by river stones so as to not blow away. And on the rare occasion actually buy one. Which was really exciting.

After much persistence of my friends telling me after watching me among gatherings of friends sit contently focused on sewing something I started an account called “even eve”. So is its name and place. I wanted a name that would reflect my faith and belief, to honor God and give him the glory for giving me the ability to sew and artistic talents, to give everything to him. It took me a while to come up with the name. I prayed about it and had some ideas. Some which were already taken, others including numbers like a verse reference which after reading articles on name suggestions decided against. My fiancée came up with it. So “even eve” which the letters put together themselves are cool because they are a palindrome. But it stands for that salvation and the forgiveness of past, present and future sins that Jesus accomplished is for everyone even the first sinner, even eve.

I plan to post on projects I’m working on and etsy insights I’ve learned from research and having my own shop, post things that are just too cute or cool to look past, inspirations and updates.

I hope that you enjoy your future readings of “the little cloud” because I’m excited about getting started :)

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