Saturday, July 5, 2008

Etsy Shop Critiquing

The other day I got my etsy shop critiqued for the first time. An awesome opportunity that Etsy provides once a week in the Tree house (one of the Virtual Labs located in the community section of Etsy). Everyone who has an Etsy shop should take advantage of this. You show up in the Tree house at the designated time (Est. USA) and the Etsy Admin who is doing the critiquing picks the shops that they have time to critique (you can get your name put on the list if you "convo" short for conversation HeyMichelle by being signed in on Etsy go to her page and click contact HeyMichelle). You can see the Admin talking via a mini webcam in the Tree House while the critique is going on. She will go through the chosen shops and talk about important tips on making your store the most it can be. The notes i got from it were (1)make my store intro smaller so that when people get to my store page they can see some of my products without scrolling down. (2) When taking pictures of my items with a natural light source set my camera to EV balance. (3) Sell some items that are the same if i sell a bunch single sell some in bunches/sets. (4) Take themed pictures of themed items like a sushi set up next to something made with sushi print fabric (5) for promotion have a blog :) and post and reply to forum posts (6) for tips on how to photograph your items go to the gift section in the same category of your item and see how others are photographing (7)Here are the links she gave out during the session (a)International shipping for US sellers (b) Tagging tips when posting items (c)Shipping how to (d)the art of pricing (e)more shipping tips (f)the beginners guide (g)marketing

Here is a cool article I found on Silk-Screening

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