Wednesday, June 16, 2010


guess what?! I sold the coral Indian necklace on my etsy shop! Yay! Such an awesome feeling. Praise the LORD! God is good! Now I feel like I can go bead shopping again, maybe. I've made a pact with myself to not buy anything, material possession wise for two paychecks and I got paid today so for another 2 weeks. And to be better/more deliberate in paying off debt (student loan & credit card). So I've decided $250 of each paycheck goes to that. It was Gods leading, like instantaneously feeling the need to do this like a week ago. So I have a plan and with Gods help in the self control area to pay off our credit card & student loan in a year. Which when it is finished will I'm sure feel awesome. I'm happy with my packaging of the necklace I sold. I decorated it at the post office with drawings of feather leaves and I threw in an extra something. It's a surprise, but I felt lead to do so. So, maybe it will lead to more sales, I don't know, but being generous feels nice. I feel that when you have the idea to so more for someone or not, you should do more and God will bless you with joy. So, yay! God also gave me the opportunity to eat lunch with a homeless man named Stewart so if you would like to pray for him, thank you.

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