Thursday, February 16, 2012

Michigan road trip

I just got around last month to dropping off my film from our 2011 road trip, we try to take one every year. 11 rolls of film consisting of both 35mm and 120 film had been patiently sitting in my desks bottom drawer where i felt they would be protected from light exposure. i was kind of nervous when we went to pick them up. After the ACL pictures turned out so badly i had been discouraged about my photography skills altogether. Thankfully I was to be proven wrong. Where i had expected many of my mushroom pictures to come out black altogether or some similar misfortune I found that i had not completely ruined any of the rolls. yay! Since i opt to scan my prints myself to upload them for you to see instead of forking over the $5 a roll for cd's it will take a bit but here are some pictures from my first roll. If you would like to keep up with my uploading progress i made a flickr set for my road trip pictures.

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