Monday, February 20, 2012


a lot of camping is getting to your destination. I took a bunch of photos while we were driving the endless miles cross country to get to a location of both beach and forest. blurry trees passing by my car window. I'd snap the picture and hope I had set a high enough shutter speed. listening to cd's and talking in the car. rest stops and gas stations with orange flavored push pops and glass bottled cola. wide stretches of road where you seem to be the only one on the road. And then getting to your destination, setting up camp and forgetting about your car for a week. cooking your own meals, hiking all day, stopping to eat a sandwich, to take a picture, to gaze at the scenery, to inspect close up something growing on the ground: a mushroom, some moss, a fern. wish I could live in a perpetual state of camping. I love it so much, nature.

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