Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Studio & Art

some things that inspire me: mountain postcard by Greg Piwonka, Laura Veirs - july flame vinyl insert poster by Carson Ellis, minkee gocco bear in woods print (thank you card), Blind Pilot posters by Ryan Dobrowski, fruit cards by Claire Nereim , Future Islands poster, my mushroom necklaces i'm working on and old cheesecloth screen print with gouache and block printing ink, i was experimenting.

here is some stuff i'm working on now, inspired by the blind pilot fall 2011 poster (if you go to their show, pick one up, they are awesome) you can't really tell by the picture but the yellow background is a metallic glittery yellow, pretty sweet, also inspired by mountains & camping and the neon art i've seen in Austin galleries lately.

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  1. i love blind pilot so so so much, their new album is rad