Sunday, September 25, 2011

Favorite Memories

this is awesome. the first one that came to mind was when i was 13 I went to not back to school camp in Oregon. a few memories from this are at the end of the camp we went to the coast and the oregon coast has these tall cliff islands just yards away from the coast. A group of us climbed up one and down the other side where the waves were crashing up against the rocks to where the water was spraying us but to where the tide didn't carry me away. Another one was these two older girls befriended me and we swam up this river where the sides and bottom where lined with smooth boulders and the water was still and cold and 1/2 mile down the river one of the boulders was sticking up out of the water maybe 4 inches in the middle of the river and there were maybe 50 raspberries laying on the rock and the girls told me fairies had put the raspberries there and we ate them.

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