Thursday, June 30, 2011


I've been going to garden nurserys a lot lately. these are some pictures from my favorite neighborhood nursery plantescapes austin, texas. I think i've fixed the comment problem on my other blog so that it should be easier to leave a comment for windows users. (wordpress is apparently easier for macs) (i wouldn't have started a wordpress blog if i knew i was going to have problems). anyways... my garden is doing well. these were some pictures from the 6 rolls of film i got developed recently, some of the rolls were from april. i really need to get some mosquito deterrer for my garden so my neighbors and i stop getting eaten alive. i still carry around my yashica camera around with me always. My tie dye backpack i use as a purse always has my camera, bible, planner, extra film and currently game boy with pokemon heart gold and it would have knitting in it but one of our cats ate one of my nice wood knitting needles recently and i haven't sanded it back to a point yet. i'll post some more new pictures soon, until then i'll be watching friends, playing pokmen and gardening. i'm such an introvert child adult.

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