Friday, April 1, 2011


I really love instant pictures although I'm not that great at taking instant pictures yet they enchant me. especially all those impossible project films, polaroid cameras & expired polaroid film & polaroid backs to lomo cameras. All of which i asked for but alas my parents think it's a joke because it is so expensive. It's silly really and unimportant but i still hint at things i'd like for my birthday and christmas like a little child but being young poor, happy & in love can't justify spending money on when we are paying off debt and on top of how much money i spend on regular film and developing. but i can still admire it for now from afar and I'm sure at some point not so far.

anyways my loving husband tuned into my wanting an instant camera and got me the fuji instax 210 a massive camera back at christmas. i haven't used it much and still need to get the hang of it. i think it would be cool to maybe use color filters with it over the lens /flash. it seems to have good light outside.

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