Wednesday, March 9, 2011

thrift store score

today after my husband left on a 5 day trip to a children's ministry conference in Minneapolis i went by Precision camera to pic up and drop off as usual, I'm trying to cut down on going there daily which i have been known to do, but to make it weekly but these photos i needed to pic up for Jamin's involvement in the first Present Company theater production of Much Ado About Nothing. They asked me to be their photographer for the show from rehearsals to the show. We had taken the group shots for the show the other day so i went to go pick them up and stopped in Family thrift on my way home a little detour but your know, i wanted some sheets which they had none, I was a little disappointed so i looked around and found in a plastic grab bag of toys this awesomely cute monkey from blabla a knitting company i've in love with since i got a coin purse of theirs at a christmas fair in Mississippi back in 04. So yay, i've a new friend, His name is Wally George. I also picked up a thick class beer mug all for just over $2. considering wally George the monkey aka Blabla Doll Monkey Mozart runs for $46 i feel proud. He's me new pal. this post may seem weird to you but i appreciate my childlike ability to give inanimate objects personalities and think of them as friends.

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