Wednesday, March 30, 2011

good mor...afternoon

woke up at dawn to see the blue light starting to sift through the window curtains moving in the breeze. the light brightened for a while before i fell back asleep but then woke up at 11am. That seems late to me.

I've been getting such wonderful feedback on my photos through flickr and tumblr. This is one of the favorites right now. The more people like my pictures the more it encourages me to take pictures. ah, my human struggle with praise from others.

I think I want to start trying to take posed pictures of things like trinkets and toys, antique store items. I'd like to take pictures of our cats in posed pictures, but they don't like it and won't stay. I need to invest in a tripod but they seem so overpriced for a piece of plastic and metal.

I made coffee again today. Coffee, flickr and fruits basket on the tele. I'm not british, but think it is cute to say tele instead of tv.

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