Tuesday, March 22, 2011


i've never read that book love languages but heard of it from others. Some are words of affirmation others touch & some gifts. There are other love languages but i've noticed mine to give is different than mine to receive. I try against my human nature to put very little weight in things, they are just objects even sentimental things and very few things last forever. But I get a lot of joy to see someones face light up like a child to receive something that they really like.

So I got an opportunity the other day to get a vinyl at SXSW from a denton band called seryn that my husband absolutely loves, i really like them too but had never had the opportunity to see them live, they are awesome by the way. I can get caught up in silly disappointment when i plan on doing something like go to a show and get there and am told nothing but badge holders are getting in like last year. So I set out on my own on thursday and knew where the first stop was. I helped an out of town band on the bus figure out how to get back to where they were staying. I wish i would have asked what they were called but i didn't think of it till i'd already walked a block away from the bus. When i got there figured out the band i wanted to see was the next day, 1 free grilled veggie taco & 1 free way too sweet hard punch later i start walking towards 6th street stopped in to hear a band from Chicago and continued to walk till what do i hear but this awesomeness. catchy indie folk that builds in grandiose like the climax in a story and makes you want to inhale and smile. It was of course Seryn rockin out hard. They said they had just received their first batch of vinyl and as it turns out i bought the first one ever and after the show ran around getting all their autographs as they were taking down to give to my husband who had to work all the days of south by.

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  1. that's so sweet, lilah. i'm sure he loves it! i work a lot this week, but we're going to try to come to jamin's show on saturday. lovely photo, by the way!