Tuesday, February 22, 2011

ok, so i'm a little crazy

ok so 4 hours after my husband and i left the store i started having harsh buyers remorse for the not so high tech digital camera and called almost in tears to see if i could return it and they said to come in. I went back to the store entirely embarrassed to be a nuisance for buying and then returning a camera in the same day but anyways after my 5th "I'm sorry & i feel stupid" I got my $380 gift certificate that will be going towards film and processing and in the moment bought a holga 120N in blooze bros. blue. I thought I'd want the jawz one at first but the blue just stuck with me so i adopted a new baby camera and carried it home. Haven't loaded it yet but now i feel better. I think a part of me was terrified I'd stop using film to the extent i use it now and it just wasn't taking photos like my film cameras do so bye bye d70s so long and hello holga 120. ah sigh of relief from large spending on something that wasn't what i wanted (the thing is, i didn't pray in the moment about the purchase and ended up settling and regreting my purchase) and calmness returns.

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