Tuesday, February 1, 2011

live music

I've gotten this motivation surge to take more live music photography, i'd forgotten since it has been cold my love for live music had become hazy. ok, more like lazy. But completely a love of mine, my husband and i share the love of live music. So we've been to three shows in the recent past.

"Bosque Brown" & "Sarah Jaffe" at The Ghost Room. I've really liked Sarah Jaffe since her ep came out now she has two cds. She seems to be going in a more hip hop influenced direction which i can enjoy but isn't why i like her so we'll see when her next cd comes out. Bosque Brown was beautiful. I'd never heard of her before this show but totally down my ally, really chill acoustic singer songwriter folk music and she appears to be Christian which is always a delight and encouragement when a christian can succeed outside of coffee houses.

"Young Prisms", "Ringo Deathstarr", "Melted Toys", "Speculator", "Pure Ecstasy"(Pure X) at indoor Emo's. My favorites this night were Pure X and melted toys although we went to see young prisms ringo deathstarr who were way too loud that my husband and I braced the freezing weather outside clinging to each other for warmth over having our eardrums ruptured. They weren't very nice to Young Prisms for going over into 1am and scaring off half the croud for loudness. Pure X was chill atmospheric synthesised music that would be good for working on something while just chillin around the house listing too. Melted Toys looked and sounded like they were from the 80's but not all neon plastic more navy and black their music was dance but not techno. I liked them and wished they had vinyl.

And "The Black and White Years" at Antone's. We wanted to see them play the other day at lambert's but it sold out, disappointed about the tiny venue but i'm happy for them selling out. Always a great show they went from having these florescent lights in the background like at independent(an austin venue) to having a guy project neon colored computer generated patterns onto them in front of a projector screen or white wall. It looks really cool. Always a lot of energy coming from the stage they are fun to watch and their fans throw it back at them dancing and bobbing heads to the beat. They just came out with a new album which is pretty fun to jam in the car, it's called "Patterns" you should check it out..
We picked up some vinyl from Bosque Brown, Young Prisms and Pure X & a cassette tape from melted toys.