Thursday, January 13, 2011


work has slowed down and i find myself with free days. making a nest on the floor surrounding myself with projects. My friends birthday gift that still has a ways to go it feels like. rolls of film i should walk over to the drug store to get developed but I feel I should achieve something at home first before I allow myself to go and it is bitter cold outside. an instant coco package from last nights mobile loaves and fished run where we ran out of food & clothes at the first stop. I really need to learn Spanish. we need more shoes, a few kids had no socks or shoes on and were standing in line in the dark and freezing weather. and I thought my feet were cold. I had long lost feeling in my toes. note: toms not good freezing weather shoes also chucks/converse. My notebook project i need to finish sewing one letter on and send it off, post marked by 15th, got to mail that today. a roll of sea foam green tape to keep my place in a knitting book. 9 balls of yarn in zip-loc bags, knitting needles, safety kid scissors. micron pen size 02. chap stick. a list of apertures and shutter speeds of photos. a jar of honey. toms shoe boxes of gouache and ink. my yashica camera, bible and measuring tape, computer...

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