Tuesday, January 4, 2011

exchanged presents

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my friend Adrienne is so creative with wrapping presents, I just wanted to share this with you. Inside I was blessed with a calendar she made for her family for christmas, but i got one too, they're awesome, i love her art. She made it so you can hang up her lovely calendar with the two little clothes pins and the bit of string that look like decoration on the outside of the package. so sweet.

I noticed she liked wiksten and odette's collaboration on an arrow necklace a few months back and thought she'd appreciate it. She had a huge grin when she notice what it was, so i think she liked it.

As far a Jamin and I we bought ourselves presents with each other. Jamin a small bodied acoustic guitar a "little martin". We really like the sound this kind of guitar gives for the band "Blind Pilot"

They are awesome you should check them out if you haven't already. They've been in my top three since I saw them sxsw 2009. They also make me want to learn how to play the dulcimer.

I got pro flickr for two years and a vintage camera from 1972 a yashica tl-electro, sweet. My favorite photo blogger "Abby try again" camera. She uses a different lens that she's never told what it is. But I've seen other peoples tl-electro model yashica's and they still have the same softness and blue tinge to them, so I'm excited to take my first roll today, having the day off, and maybe post some later.

I love how photography to me is similar to primitive camping. There is a trusting God factor that is much more present in my consciousness when I'm in the wild than when I'm going about my daily routine where it is easy to be on auto pilot through our day on a schedule choosing weather or not to help people if it is convenient to our schedule. When real love is inconvenient most of the time. I feel lead to strive to help and fill the needs of people I see, mainly panhandlers and homeless, because those are the people that God has put in my path, even though i fail often, i wish not too, i wish to be more selfless. It's a life long journey, righteousness, that to His glory won't be complete till I'm in heaven. So I shall seek God's glory everyday, by being in His word, praying for the salvation of my loved ones and people around me and fruits of the Spirit for myself and others "love, joy , peace, patients, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control" but anyways i like how like in camping you have to trust God because there are dangers in camping in photography God is in control of what your pictures turn out as, how you capture visually what He has created physically. And the sharing of His love of creation with us by us creating art. There is joy in making things. That God allowed us to capture in that moment.

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