Sunday, December 19, 2010


A few months back when they started selling the boyfriend flanel shirts at Urban Outfitters I bought myself a white bent corners holga 35 mm camera and have been carying it around in my purse/backpack every since. The next addition was a diana f+ camera because I really like my friend Adrienne's photos she's taken with hers. They come out dreamy and foggy and soft where the holga produces bright saturated good double exposures.

So my canvas backpack is slightly heavier but I'm used to. I'm one of those large bag girls who has something to read usually my esv bible and the current young adult fantasy searies I'm reading "the Search For Wondla" & the 7th Harry Potter book again, a sketchbook, a size assortment of black micron pens, my current knitting project in a cloth bag, i-pod, pocket wallet, agenda planner. It's enough, keeps me busy when any free time should produce itself in the form of a 15min or lunch hour or bus ride...

I've taken to checking daily some photo blogs I enjoy "abby try again" "fieldguided" "souvenirs" and this one isn't photos for photos sake but photos this girls sewn/kitted items "wiksten made"

I'm going to start post some of my photos, so here is the first run. hope you enjoy.

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