Monday, June 14, 2010

mod podge screen print

I remember a while back seeing a post on about someone using glue and gauze (or a similar thin large weave fabric) to make screen prints. So in remembering and trying to quench my boredom I took one of my drawing with not that much detail and lines that weren't that close together, a piece of gauze, a 4" diameter embroidery hoop. With the picture in a protective plastic sleeve I placed the hoop secured gauze placing the front of the hoop down on the drawing and painted with mod podge and a size 0 brush all of the white space of my drawing. Let it dry and took some block printing ink and an ink spatula and spread it around the backside of the fabric/hoop while it was on a piece of watercolor paper. And the print in the picture is how it turned out. Some of the drawing was covered slightly by the glue but I couldn't tell until I printed it. It turned out good enough to try to make cards this way. i think bold type would come out nicer than a drawing. The drawing turned out OK. Some of the finer areas of the drawing turned out pixelated by the cloth which i thought was cool. A fun little quick one day project.

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