Friday, May 28, 2010


Sometimes you just want to make art like the art you like but you just can't help but make the art that your pen makes. I would love to make stuff like "Pretty Little Thieves" but that just isn't who God made me to be and my art to be. Sometimes I have to remind myself this. Don't be upset at all. Be happy with your own style even if it isn't pretty. I find it a little ruff. I need to make more faces. Which is actually how I started making art again back in 2007. I've always liked art but didn't have my own style until I started drawing with a calligraphy pen, India ink bottle and paper in a bar listening to my husbands band. So here is my version of what my illustration people would look like. I can't draw arms but it is OK, or hair, again I'm fine with that. I like the little cloud with the one rain drop he's looking at. i tried to draw him wearing little toms, he need bigger feet & a smaller head. But I don't sketch before I draw I just draw. I like the slight excitement of no do overs. Everything is original this way, how it ends up, like life.

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