Saturday, May 1, 2010

baby blanket progress

baby_blanket_1, originally uploaded by lilah_ward.

So I started it about a month ago. I work on it at bus stops and walking around the park while my hubby plays disc golf, on my work 15 minute brakes and lunch breaks, while I'm lounging at home and not on the computer. It is probably half the length I want it to be, I'm shooting for a square. It made up entirely of silky wool yarn by elsebeth lavold which is my current favorite. A blend of silk and wool but feels like cotton and it is a pretty thin yarn which is what I lean to more now, not lace weight, a little thicker than sock yarn, just a smidgen. I'm really liking it so far. The different colors are different stitches all themed geometric, not entirely but mainly triangles. The colors so far are pretty cool. I'm kind of choosing the yarn colors as i go. One of two that I need to make and then maybe an etsy item.

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