Friday, March 26, 2010


i drew and painted this little guy with eating at the nordstrom bistro cafe ( i know the name is redundant). I spread out my bag of gouache on the booth table that could seat four but at the time I covered most of the table. I was situated in the back camouflaged by a median 3 feet in front of my table from where all the staff stands. I got a compliment on it by another customer eating a salad so i thought i'd show you guys. I was painting during the few months January and February and the beginning of march that i wasn't posting anything because the Internet my computer was picking up stopped so i guess whoever i was getting it from moved away. But now we have our own Internet so that is nice and i can post whenever now. Watercolor followed by pen (India black ink) followed by gouache on the face and then pen again over some of the gouache to redefine the face. 5x7.

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