Saturday, December 5, 2009

day1 patch project

Not so long ago my husband and I bought our first piece of vintage furniture together from this thrift store in Austin called Top drawer. It is beautiful but sadly, the fabric is so old that it has started to tear everywhere so "dun da da dun" (trumpets sound)sewing needle to the rescue. Inspired by the resourcefulness of the 1930's depression era I'm sewing our beautiful love seat back together with patches made up of two pieces of fabric fused together with fusible webbing. Actually leftovers from the were going to be more rose petals for my friends wedding but she didn't really like the roses so now i have a project for them, recycling, yeah. since I finished Lola's sweater two days ago I started this project yesterday. So I will post my progress everyday I work on it, hence day 1 being the title of this post. So follow me on this journey of re-binding seams and maybe follow along with something of yours that needs patching up. So with our needles in hand, thread them, tie the knot and get sewing.

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