Thursday, January 8, 2009

new year = new projects :)

Hello all,

Happy new year, to you and you and you... Well online, scratch that because I've been online but I just haven't posted on my blog, my husband and I been taking advantage of Jesus' B-Day and the New Year to visit our families and I didn't bring my camera with me to take pictures like I like of the stuff that I've been knitting over the past week, so I've been MIA. But not worry, because me and my busy hands are back in action to show you what we've been up to. (Weeeee-booom) is me lighting a roman candle of excitement and joy that I finally received my invite to Ravelry. If you love to knit or crochet this site is awesome! And I really do mean the exclamation point there. I've been having a hoot. I only own a couple of knitting books, so I frequent the local Library for knitting books of patterns taking advantage of my tax dollars. On Ravelry they set it up so that you can see everyone’s finished product of any knitting pattern out there, ok so I'm sure not every pattern ever is on there, but if you make it, you can post where the pattern is from and be the first person to post about that pattern. I think that is pretty sweet and to my knowledge never been attempted before. So, I've been posting about my recent projects on there and learning about the website and surfing through the constantly uploaded new pictures of projects. Staying up many a late night eager to find just one more thing I want to heart, just one more...

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