Monday, January 19, 2009

almost finished...

I knitted a lot on it today. I went with a new friend of mine I met at the beginning of this month and my husband to the park today. It was beautiful blue sky with a few streaks of white fluff, green grass, green trees and a nice gentle breeze, and sunny. We only moved our picnic quilt once to be in the sun again. Texas weather is quite odd. We brought art supplies along and drew in charcoal and soft pastels while we were there. Had a fruit cup snack break. My husband finished reading "The Light Princess" by George MacDonald with illustrations by Maurice Sendak, who wrote and illustrated "Where the Wild Things Are". She is working on this cute purple and rainbow on white yarn bed spread. It was her first ever project. I made some progress on my Ruffled Neck Kerchief; I'm at 106 out of 171 rows. I made some more progress after church at a game night get together where I participated partially and then proceeded to knit and made and drink Asian orange citrus tea that looks like jam till it was time to return home for the evening.

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